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Lekcija 5: Broj telefona.

A woman sitting at a table holding up a wine glass with red wine with a soup plate in front of her. A plate with fish, potatoes, and greens is on the opposite side of the table.

Moj omiljeni restoran se zove APETIT.
Broj telefona je +385 21 332 549.
Adresa je Ulica Pavla Šubića 5.

A man sitting in a restaurant holding up .

Moj omiljeni restoran zove se VINODOL.
Broj telefona je +385 1 4811 427.
Adresa je Ulica Nikole Tesle 10.

A woman with a purse and man meeting with beard and sunglasses propped up on his head are talking and pointing at the smart phones that they are holding in their hands.

Davor: Koji je tvoj broj telefona?
Laura: Moj broj telefona je 091 343 5499. A tvoj broj telefona?
Davor: Moj broj telefona je 095 861 2273.
Laura: Super, hvala. Čujemo se!