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Cjelina 7: Transport i putovanje

FALKUŠA (Traditional Fishing Boat)
The falkuša (also called, gajeta falkuše) is a symbol of Croatian maritime heritage. It is a traditional fishing boat from Komiža, a town on the island of Vis. There are only three remaining boats of this kind in the world, and only a few people know how to navigate them. In 1998, falkuša was put on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Read more  
Modul 1: Svakog gosta tri dana dosta [Any Guest Wears Out his Welcome in Time]
Lekcija 1: Moje putovanje [My Travels]
Lekcija 2: Ljetni odmor [Summer Vacation]
Lekcija 3: Moja odluka [My Decision]
Lekcija 4: Turizam [Tourism]
Modul 2: Put pod noge [Hit the Road, Jack]
Lekcija 1: Prijevozna sredstva [Means of Transportation]
Lekcija 2: Plan putovanja [Travel Plans]
Modul 3: Svuda pođi, kući dođi [There Is No Place Like Home]
Lekcija 1: Moje avanture [My Adventures]
Lekcija 2: Studentsko putovanje [Student Travels]
Modul 4: Ponavljanje je majka znanja [Practice Makes Perfect]
Lekcija 1: Ponavljanje [Review]
Lekcija 2: Razgovor [Conversation]

1. Overview and Goals for Unit 7

By the end of this Unit, you will be able to:
1 Read and understand stories about past events.
2 Talk about when and where to travel/spend your vacation.
3 Talk about seasons, months, and specific time periods during the year.
4 Talk about places you would like to visit.
5 Express your opinion about yourself and someone else’s personality traits.
6 Express with who you want to travel with.
7 Ask for advice/suggestions/help related to traveling.
8 Use formal and informal ways of writing emails.
9 Investigate official websites related to transport and tourism.
10 Compare different types of transportation.
11 Make a dialogue at the bus/train station.
12 Make travel plans.
13 Discuss travel expenses.
14 Discuss events in Croatia.
15 Understand the educational system in Croatia.
To achieve these outcomes, you will learn the following grammar structures:
1 Present Tense
  • The verbs in -ovati, -evati, and -ivati
2 Past Tense
  • More about -ti verbs
  • Verbs that end in -ći
  • Reflexive verbs
3 Instrumental Case
  • Nouns
  • Pronouns
  • Adjectives
4 Genitive Cases
  • Expressing time
  • Expressing dates
  • Expressing costs
5 Questions kamo and gdje
  • Motion toward a certain place
  • Specific location
6 The verb ići (to go)
  • With the Accusative case
  • With the Instrumental case
7 Introduction to the word koji in the Nominative case
8 Comparative forms of adjectives
Vocabulary covered in this Unit relates to:
1 Geography
2 Personality traits
3 Tourist attractions and events
4 Means of transportation
5 Date, time, costs
6 Likes and preferences
7 Months and seasons

2. Outline

At/by the end of the unit, what do you want the student to be able to do with the language?
Final assessment (Scenario): 
You are an international student who is planning a trip with your local friend. You will be asked to negotiate where to go based on everyone’s interests. In your conversation be sure to include why you want to go to your proposed destination, how to get there, who you want to invite, and express your plans/ideas for the trip. Keep in mind that whatever you propose for the trip you will need to have an answer to the question “why” - the goal is to give as much information as possible. The conversation might bring to the table your past travels and experiences as well. The goal is to mimic real life conversation and your instructor (who will be playing the role of your local friend) might expand the conversation to include anything that you mention while performing the task. During this task you might be asked to check the bus/train itinerary to see if there are seats available and at what time you could all leave.   Note: All locations should be authentic and related to the target area.
  Break the goal down into smaller learning targets.
Module 1: I can make arrangements for my trip. I can talk about who is my best travel companion and I can justify my choices.
Module 2: I can search for a bus/train/plane ticket. I can make travel arrangements and buy tickets for my trip. I can discuss means of transportation and make comparisons between them.
Module 3: I can talk about past events and I can talk about my past travel experience.
Module 4: Performance-based final unit assessment
  For each learning target (Modules 1-4), determine a concrete task that will demonstrate that the students have reached it.
Module 1: Based on your personal interests and what you like, plan your vacation. Create a questionnaire for two of your classmates and find out who would be a good companion for your trip. Provide reasons why someone is either a good choice or not a good choice to travel with you.
Module 2: Buy a bus/train/plane ticket. Discuss each other's travel choices and make comparisons between your vacations.
Module 3: Inform your school about your recent travels and experiences so that it can be published on the school's website.

3. Specific Components and Final Tasks for Each Module

Module 1. Svakog gosta tri dana dosta [Any Guest Wears Out his Welcome in Time]
1 Geography
2 Interests
3 Personality traits
4 Seasons
5 Summer and winter activities
Final Task, Module 1:
You are planning your summer vacation and you are not sure who to go with. Express your opinion about your friends and who would be good company. Talk with your classmates to learn more about their interests and decide who would be a good person to join you on your summer vacation.
Module 2. Put pod noge [Hit the Road, Jack]
1 Means of transportation
2 Favorite activities
3 Prefered type of vacation and traveling
4 Places to go
5 Travel expenses/costs
6 Travel websites
Final Task, Module 2:
You plan a short weekend trip. Investigate what options you have, where you want to go. Calculate how much it will cost you. Discuss your choices/decisions with another classmate and provide comments on their travel plans.
Module 3. Svuda pođi, kući dođi [There Is No Place Like Home]
1 Past travel experiences
2 Informal and formal communication
3 Travel itinerary
Final Task, Module 3:
Tell us about a recent or favorite trip you took in the past. Where did you go, why did you go there, who was with you? Include your detailed itinerary and say something about the location you visited.